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Free Creators Workshop

The Creator economy is valued at $104+ Billion and growing.

We already see creators leveraging their online following to earn 6-figure incomes, find exclusive jobs and opportunities, build businesses, and make a living doing what they love.

Prequel's Creators Bootcamp helps teens find their passion and build a loyal social media following, make money online doing what they love, and carve their own path in the growing digital world.

Join a free 45-min workshop with Zain Kahn, Instructor for Prequel's Creators Bootcamp and one of the top marketing influencers on Twitter and LinkedIn, on how to start your journey as a content creator and leverage your audience.

Free Investing Workshop

Did you know Warren Buffet started investing at age 11?

Learning to invest at an early age gives teens an enormous advantage when it comes to building long-term wealth and financial independence. 

The Investing Bootcamp empowers teens to master personal finance basics, get a head start on professional investment strategies, and explore career possibilities in business, finance and the future of banking.

Join a free 1-hour workshop with investing coach and instructor of Prequel's Investing Bootcamp, Josh Jia. Josh has taught investment banking at top global institutions like Princeton, Wharton, UCLA, and Queen's University... here, get his insights for free!