Creators Masterclass for Teens

Accelerate your career and build a global audience.

Learn the 21st century life skills of content creation and audience building, and leverage them to get a headstart in tomorrow's economy.

Join a live 2-hour masterclass on how to build, grow and leverage an online audience.

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Designed to teach teens like you how to build an audience from scratch.

This course is for you if...


You're ready to start growing your audience.

The Creator Economy is $1.4 Billion and growing. We'll show you how you can start from scratch and scale your audience to 10k and beyond.


You aren't sure where to start.

We'll give you all the tools and instructions to help you go from 0 to 100 to 10,000 followers and beyond.


You're nervous to start.

We know how scary it is to put yourself out there. We'll show you how successful creators overcome their nerves and share confidently. Plus, you'll start creating among a supportive community of other creators just like you.


You want to learn how to grow from the best.

Our workshop is developed in partnership with world class creators who have over 1.5 million followers on TikTok.

What parents & students are saying

"I never thought that a 16-year-old high schooler could become an entrepreneur in a business world dominated by adults with degrees. However, at Prequel I acquired business and technology skills from industry professionals then co-founded SteerClear."

-Michelle, Student

“My daughter went from struggling to find her place in extracurriculars to landing an internship with a global startup based in Amsterdam through Prequel connections and launching her own graphic design agency."

-Jeff, Parent of Jane

"Connecting with others who are all as interested as I am in this field was one of the best feelings, especially when able to challenge my limits alongside them. "

-Cianna, Student

“Prequel is building future leaders. As the world evolves, the work environment and job availability are going to change. Some jobs are going to be obsolete. AI is going to change the world in unprecedented ways. Who is going to succeed then? - leaders and people who are willing to take the risk and imagine. Prequel is a stepping stone towards this thought process.”

-Maya, Parent of Eric

“My son learned a lot from connecting with mentors and colleagues. He is very excited in setting up a startup company with his friends. He is very engaged in BETA Camp activities and the virtual program has surpassed all my expectations of virtual programming.”

-Judy, Parent of Andy

“Prequel has been an excellent outlet for my daughter to express her creativity and work with others who share the same interests."

-Michelle, Parent of Danielle

“I am extremely excited about Prequel and the challenge that this learning process represents to our kids. My son shared his TikTok content with me and I was amazed by the business ideas, the product, and all the world behind the production of this content. This is a real taste of the real world."

-Maribel, Parent of Luis

"Prequel's exposure to incredible speakers in leadership positions of the world's greatest companies opened up a world of possibilities for me, painting. a clearer picture of future roles I can now work towards."

-Sarah, Student

Created by top creators with 1.5 M followers

Learn from the best.

The Prequel Creators Masterclass is designed by pro creators with a combined 1.5 million followers, and is taught by Aidan Gurung, a skyrocketing content creator with over 41k followers

Lena Lemon

Course Creator

1.4M followers on TikTok

Kentaro Yoneda

Course Creator

375k followers on TikTok

Zain Khan

Course Creator

200k followers on Twitter

Aidan Gurung

Course Instructor

41k followers on Twitter

Meet your Instructor

Aidan Gurung

TikTok Creator, Student, Entrepreneur

41k followers on TikTok

The Creator Masterclass is led by Aidan Gurung. Aidan started building her audience as a university student and scaled her following to 41k+ in under 6 months.

Aidan shares content about education, productivity, and working and living abroad while being a student. She has leveraged her following to land a social media internship in Korea, land a role at an Edtech company, and secure a full year college scholarship. She is now a digital nomad traveling Asia, a creator, and an Education undergraduate student at Queen's University in Canada. See Aidan's TikTok→

What you'll learn

How to find your niche

We'll show you how to find a niche where you can find your first followers and build a fast growing global audience.

How to craft your profile

Learn what goes into crafting a great profile, and why some profiles get more followers than others.

How to create compelling content

Create a system that consistently and reliably generates high quality ideas for content creation. We'll teach you all the tips and tricks behind creating content that goes viral week after week.

How to grow your following

Just because you're getting likes doesn't mean you're getting more followers. Learn how to leverage vitality to get more followers with every post.

What sets Prequel's Masterclasses apart?

Taught by leading experts

This is not like "online school" and our programs are not taught by traditional professors. All our programs are taught through live interactive sessions with industry professionals and experts, like startup founders, seasoned executives, and leading creators -- the people you want to become!

Top Tier Content

You get access to the exact frameworks, strategies, and playbooks that creators like Lena, Aidan, and others have used to build their audiences.

Real World Application Over Theory

We're not here to talk abstract theory. Our goal is to arm you with practical knowledge and insights, which you can translate into tangible outcomes right away - like your first 1000 superfans that love to hear your ideas.



2 hour interactive masterclass for teens 13-18

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Start your Creator journey today

Learn directly from top creators, and the get tools, support and the guidance you need to start your future as a content creator. Includes:

//2 hour live and interactive Masterclass with top creators

// 30 mins of on-demand video lessons

// BONUS - 1 month content calendar & 4 platform guides

More love from parents and students

“My daughter loved Prequel. She's learning real-world problem solving, communication, and ideation skills that aren't honed in schools. She is emerging with newfound confidence and important skills for the future. Really impressed by the program.”

-Kayla, Parent of Emily

"At Prequel, we're constantly put in situations where we have to work with new people. We need to push each other if we want to maximize our potential."

-Aayan, Student

"Prequel really opened up my mind to new opportunities I would never have been exposed to during school. It gave me confidence in myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind to"

-Zoya, Student

"I liked that you don't learn by listening to a lecture, you learn by actually completing real-world case studies. This makes learning very fun."

-Erick, Student


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