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College Essay Accelerator is an intensive bootcamp designed to help you create a personal statement essay that you’re confident in, regardless of your writing skills.

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Streamline the essay process and cut your writing time in half.

On average, it takes a T20 applicant 30-50 hours to write a college essay. More than half of that time is spent brainstorming ideas and staring at a blank page, not knowing where to begin. In College Essay Accelerator, we cut out the fluff and give you the exact strategies to come up with 5 different essay topics that uniquely showcase who you are on Day 1. That means your writing time can be cut in half.

Prequel students aim for the stars

Top colleges our alumni have been admitted to:

College Essay Accelerator Curriculum

Day 1

Understand what makes an awesome personal statement and what colleges are looking for. Use frameworks like spiky points of view and mundane miracles to brainstorm essay topics that showcase the unique traits you'll bring to a college campus. You'll end the day by sending up to 5 essay outlines for review.

Day 2

Our college counselors will provide feedback on each essay outline and help you identify the best topic for you to write. Next, you'll learn about writing techniques that will help you share personal stories, make unique observations, and use playful language - to come up with a piece that only you can write.

Day 3

After a week of writing, it's time to learn how to self-edit. We'll teach you how to identify what makes a bad essay, how to give and receive feedback in your writing, and work with digital tools such as AI apps to improve your existing draft.

Plus... 3 Optional Workshops Included for FREE

1. Writing Gym

Session for students to write together, and an opportunity for Q&A with the experts.

2. Feedback Sessions

Session for students to get and give feedback to one another on their essays.

3. Successful Essay Breakdown

Session for students to see a breakdown of successful essays from top colleges

Our mission is to help you succeed

We care about your success, which is why we've created a FREE eBook to help kickstart your journey towards your college dreams. It sparks ideas for a unique topic, introduces effective writing techniques, and includes expert tips with exemplary examples and practice exercises. 🙌

What students say about us

Wow, never would I have imagined that I’d be writing an entire college essay in one week! After completing the College Essay Accelerator, I not only gained a polished Common App essay but also a newfound confidence in my writing abilities.

Vicky Yu

High School Senior

I spent countless hours going back and forth on what to write about and coming up with various drafts. Turns out, just the right pointers in the right areas on how to express a story well and in the right way makes the biggest difference in an essay. What would have taken me many more hours to get to, Prequel's College Essay Accelerator helped me do in one hour. It helped me get into my dream school UC Berkeley!

Rose Jiang

UC Berkeley Data Science

The writing skills I learned not only helped me get into Cornell for Computer Engineering, but also an internship right out of freshman year in the post-pandemic down market. I learned skills that go far beyond writing a college essay.

Jonathan Chen Cornell Computer Engineering

Expert guidance for 10% the cost

Hiring a private college application counselor can cost anywhere from $4,000 up to a staggering $20,000. High income and legacy families start college counseling as early as 8th grade. College Essay Accelerator is here to help the rest compete. For $499, you’ll get an intensive, focused program that allows you to check off one of the most important parts of the college application process. Without breaking the bank.

The Team

JP Guerra

Program Director & College Professor

JP is the Program Director for the College Essay Accelerator, where he uses innovative teaching methods to help students fast track their success. Without compromising the quality of their work.  He has teaching experience at one of Portugal's top universities and Write of Passage, a top writing program that has graduated some of the internet's top writers. His ability to keep students engaged with his fun approach, makes him the ideal program leader to get high school students eager to craft their college essay in just 1 week.

Jeremy Goren

College Essay Advisor & Columbia University Alumni

Jeremy is one of the advisors who will read through your outlines and help you choose the best topic for your essay.

Jeremy graduated from Columbia University in 2007 majoring in Applied Physics. In 2010, Jeremy founded Elite College Link to help talented students be admitted to exceptional universities in the US. His students have been admitted to Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, Caltech, Northwestern, Duke, and many more.

Natasha Naayem

College Essay Advisor & Columbia University Alumni

Natasha is one of the advisors who will read through your outlines and help you choose the best topic for your essay.

Natasha earned her BA and MFA in creative writing from Columbia University. She is the fiction editor of the city guide LOST iN, and a copywriter who specializes in strategic storytelling—for students, start-ups, industry leaders and NGOs. Her students have been admitted to Cornell, Rice, Berkeley, University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon, Colgate, Emory, and many more.


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