AI Masterclass: 10x productivity for HomeworkStudy habitsSAT & test prep

Don't get left behind. Prequel's AI Masterclass helps middle and high school students learn what AI technology is, how it can help with school and life, and how to use it safely and ethically.


AI is here to stay. Don't get left behind.

Here's why now is the perfect time to start learning about AI technology:

83% of companies claim that AI is a top priority in their business plans

The AI industry will be earning $126 billion a year by 2025

The rise of AI will eliminate 85 million jobs and create 97 million new ones by 2025

Sources: Statista, World Economic Forum

See what students are saying

“The sheer power behind AI is crazy -- you have to adapt to it to stay ahead of or at the very least with your competition."

“I learned that I can use AI to optimize the time I spend on schoolwork. All unimportant, but required tasks like PowerPoint presentations or time-consuming tasks like making flashcards can be taken care of by AI, while I focus on effective learning."

"I loved learning the new prompts and realizing how easily ChatGPT can be harnessed for a multitude of tasks in various industries."

"My favorite part of the Masterclass was being able to see the great AI tools, and the incredible things we can do with them. For example, the college essay prompts, quizzes, reviewing, learning, and executing in ChatGPT."

Become unstoppable by learning the possibilities - and the limitations - of AI.

Here's what students get with our 90-minute, LIVE virtual AI Masterclass:

(Parents are also welcome to join with their student!)

Discover the magic of AI

ChatGPT isn’t the only option. We'll introduce students to some of the most innovative AI tools on the market, and show them how to get the most out of each of one. They'll discover the endless possibilities of AI and learn to use them in ways they didn’t know were possible.

Use AI to increase productivity at school and in life

Anyone can learn the basics of generating text or images with AI. With Prequel’s AI Masterclass, students will learn how to use AI to cut out tedious tasks that get in the way of productivity and creativity. AI should be used to enhance skills, not to replace them.

Stand out from the crowd

Students will get a meaningful understanding of the future of AI, and how to use it to their advantage to future-proof their college and career paths. We'll go over the best ways to get an edge on the competition by using AI. They'll leave with the knowledge and confidence to enhance study and life skills from the minute they complete the masterclass. Get continued value, even after class is over.

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Learn from the best

Anyone can search the Internet on their own to try to learn AI. With the Prequel AI Masterclass, students are benefitting from the hundreds of hours of research and the expertise of our team, saving them time so they can focus on learning the skills that really matter. Less fluff, more action.

JP Guerra


JP is the Program Director for the AI Masterclass at Prequel, where he uses innovative AI tools to help students improve their productivity and learn about the exciting technology that's taking the world by storm.

His teaching experience at one of Portugal's top universities, along with his expertise in AI and ability to keep students engaged with his fun approach, makes him the ideal program leader to get middle and high school students fired up to learn and build with AI.

Proof of JP's audience engagement skills are in his TikTok account, where he gained 100,000 loyal followers within a mere four months.

Parents and students love Prequel programs

“By far the best pre-teen/teen program that exposes them to global issues, the unlimited potential of people & technology and the importance of mindfulness and character.”

Marc C. Parent of Apollo Alumni

"For what might’ve been the first time in my life, I felt like I’ve put the knowledge I’ve learned whether it was through school or the BETA Camp workshops, to use. I’ve experienced the real effect of implementing what I’ve learned into my daily life."

Shrihan Ala BETA Camp Alumni

"My daughter loved Prequel. She's learning real-world problem solving, communication, and ideation skills that aren't honed in schools. She is emerging with newfound confidence and important skills for the future. Really impressed by the program."

Kayla Parent of Emily, Prequel Alumni

Use the power of AI to go further, faster.

Learn how to use AI to increase productivity in school and life.

Ages: Ages 13-18, or 10-12 with parent attendance Time: 90 minutes

Price: $99

AI Masterclass

90 minute remote, interactive workshop

Expert instructors

Hands-on experience and demos with AI tools

Learn how to use AI ethically and safely

Use AI to enhance skills, not replace them

Parents can join too! (with their student)

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