About Prequel

Prequel is where the most ambitious teens learn 21st century life skills; taught through passion-led bootcamps hosted by leading experts.

We believe that being able to manage your personal finances, grow an audience on social media, and build a business are core life skills required for success in any field. At Prequel, we want to accelerate when ambitious teens are exposed to critical skills, expand horizons on emerging career possibilities, and help students build an impressive portfolio of work that shows growth and mastery.

Our Team

Ivy Xu

CEO of Prequel

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Zain Kahn

Head of Marketing

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Brandon Goon

Head of Product

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Benjamin Dobell

Head of Engineering

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Lindsey Schiller

Marketing and Operations

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Katarina Smith

Program Director

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Salman Sohani

Program Director, BETA Camp

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Christine Popovich


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Karel van der Vyver

Social Media & Content Marketing

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When was Prequel founded?

Think back to the summer of 2020. The world was in the early stages of a pandemic that made meeting up in-person nearly impossible.

It was also when the first BETA Camp cohort ran. 72 high school students gathered on Zoom to learn how to build a startup.

A lot has changed since then. In the past two years of hyper-growth, BETA Camp launched five cohorts serving over 400 students. Our team worked tirelessly to deliver a truly transformational experience for our students and our alumni have achieved some amazing things.

BETA Camp eventually expanded and rebranded as Prequel - now running three programs, with new program launches regularly. 


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